This feature will save many companies rolling out Copilot for M365

Short update this week. A lot of focus is still being placed on Copilot-related things. They’re still able to rollout nice features like the eSignature item below, though. Downtime like this when there’s not a flurry of activity is a great time to focus on something you’re trying to learn. You’ve got some time now. Many organizations are dealing with people on vacations, and not a lot of big projects are going on. Take advantage of this time. It doesn’t come often.

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Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365): Restricted SharePoint Search

Restricted SharePoint Search (RSS) enables Global/Tenant and SharePoint Administrators to limit organization-wide search to a chosen collection of SharePoint sites. The sites selected, in addition to the users' OneDrive files and content, will be searchable and available within the Copilot experiences. This is currently rolling out to all tenants. Link to roadmap

SharePoint: Creators and recipients can view, track, and sign their SharePoint eSignature requests in Approvals in Teams

Users have the ability to monitor their SharePoint eSignature requests through the Approvals application in Teams. They will receive notifications for new requests, updates on existing ones, and can initiate signatures seamlessly within their workflow in Teams. This is still rolling out to all tenants, so you may have this already if you’re using eSignature. Link to roadmap

Trying to learn JSON formatting? Let me teach you in my online course! It’s on-demand training that you can take now, or six months from now.


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Get started with list and library formatting with this guide

I played around with PnP Modern Search and created a YouTube-style video portal. Check this out!

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