SharePoint news is picking back up now! Not much longer before the BIG stuff is here...

The rest of the year is going to be busy for me! I’m preparing for Click-To-Copilot’s launch, and all the Copilot Studio related needs my customers will have as a result. I think that Click-to-Copilot will be a major driving factor for Copilot Studio licensing. Then again, Copilot for M365 has done a lot for licensing as well as customers see a strong need for custom copilots to meet specific needs. It seems that all roads lead to Copilot Studio.

To try and get ahead of the requests, I’m starting preorders for my Copilot Studio course tomorrow. Technically it’s live now as you read this, because I didn’t want to stay up until midnight 🤣🤣. This new course is aimed at beginner/early intermediate users who’re trying to get their footing with AI and Copilot and want the best path to learning Copilot Studio.

Just like with my other courses, it’s made differently compared to my YouTube content. YouTube videos are made to please the YouTube algorithm. My online courses are much more thorough because learning comes first, as opposed to the algorithm.

The announcement will be in my new weekly video tomorrow breaking down the differences between ChatGPT and Copilot.

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SharePoint: Enhancements to the Text web part

We’re getting new features in the Text web part, including the ability to set custom font sizes, change the icon for bullets, and more! I love to see the page editor experience getting some love. This should be rolling out this month! Link to roadmap

SharePoint: New Banner web part (updated title area) in SharePoint Pages and News

You’ll be able to remove the title area completely from a SharePoint page, which has been rebranded to the Banner web part. I can’t wait to check this thing out! This is currently rolling out. Link to roadmap

SharePoint: Autofill columns

Autofill columns are fully rolled out now! These AI-powered columns are part of SharePoint Premium, and let you leverage AI to set the value of a column. I’m sure I’ll be creating a video on this soon, but I did cover it in my SharePoint Premium overview. Link to roadmap

SharePoint: Image shapes

You can apply masks to images to change their shape. This is part of the Image web part, and I just finished recording a video on this. Look for my demo of this in the next couple of weeks. Link to roadmap

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