SharePoint Copilot is finally here! Microsoft Build is days away, along with major announcements?

Here's what to expect this month in SharePoint...

It was a busy week for those of you who attended European Collaboration Summit. If you went, I hope it was rewarding and you learned a TON about your favorite technology.

Others may be headed to Microsoft Build this week. Stay safe, learn a lot, and most importantly, share what you learned with others. It’s how we, as a community, improve and stay as positive and welcoming a community as I’ve ever seen.

I appreciate you all and feel fortunate to be a part of our community. Now let’s get into the news!


Copilot in SharePoint

Copilot in SharePoint is now available in Preview, for some users. I don’t have it yet in my developer or commercial tenant, so hopefully I’ll have it within the next week! This will help you design pages in SharePoint, making content creation much faster and easier. It will begin rolling out to all tenants in June, so we won’t have much longer to wait! Link to roadmap

Content source filters in Microsoft Search

Users can now filter results by content source in the 'All' vertical within Microsoft Search on, SharePoint Home, and Bing @ Work. This is accessible to all tenants that have configured multiple sources in Microsoft Search, including Power BI, Viva Learning, and third-party sources indexed through Microsoft Graph Connectors. Rollout to tenants has begun to all tenants. Link to roadmap

Automatic transcriptions for video files uploaded to SharePoint, Yammer, and

When you upload videos files to these sources, transcriptions will automatically be generated. Very nice feature not only for accessibility, but also to help users find this content! Rollout begins in July. Link to roadmap


social media marketing GIF

A long-awaited feature is live, and you can begin using it now! And… you probably should 🤣

Microsoft Build Announcement Watch

The Microsoft Build conference is happening this week, and there’s rumors of multiple major announcements everywhere I look. I’ll be expecting roadmap items as well as many announcements in the middle of the week. As always, I’ll detail everything that’ll affect SharePoint in next week’s issue of this newsletter.

Did you know…

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Transform Content Navigation With List JSON Formatting

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